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South Africa Description
http://www.nhra.co.za/ National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa
http://www.tba.co.za/ Thoroughbred Breeders Association of South Africa, Auction Sales
United Arab Emirates Description
http://www.emiratesracing.com/ Emirates Racing Authority
Hongkong Description
http://http://www.hkjc.com/ Hongkong Jockey Club
Germany Description
http://www.german-racing.com/ Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und Rennen e.V.
http://www.bbag-sales.de/ Baden-Baden Sales Company (BBAG) e.V.
http://www.baden-galopp.com/ Race Course Baden Baden, Internationaler Club e.V. Baden Baden
http://www.galoppbremen.de/ Race Course Bremen, Bremer Rennverein 1857 e.V.
http://www.neuebult.com/ Race Course Hannover, Hannoverscher Rennverein e.V.
http://www.galopprennbahn-hoppegarten.de/ Race Course Hoppegarten
http://www.galoppimscheibenholz.de/ Race Course Leipzig, Leipziger Reit- und Rennverein Scheibenholz e.V.
http://www.badischer-rennverein.de/ Race Course Mannheim, Badischer Rennverein Mannheim-Seckenheim e.V.
http://www.galopprennen24.de/ Galopprennen24, Reports about current topics in the field of horse sports, horse betting, racing dates
http://www.turfblogger.com/ Turf Blog, Turf & Topics, Categories
Austria Description
http://www.aroc.at/ AROC, Austrian Racehorse Owners Club
Czech Republic Description
http://www.dostihy.cz/ Jockeyclub of Czech Republic
Great Britain Description
http://www.britishhorseracing.com/ British Horseracing Authority, the governing and regulatory body for the sport
http://www.tattersalls.com/ Tattersalls Ltd.
http://www.brightwells.com/ Brightwells Equine
http://www.goffsuk.com/ Goffs UK (formerly Doncaster Bloodstock Sales)
Ireland Description
http://www.goffs.com/ Goffs Bloodstock Sales
http://www.tattersalls.ie/ Tattersalls Ireland
Italy Description
http://www.sgasales.com/ SGA s.r.l, Italy
Scandinavia Description
http://www.ovrevoll.no/ Norwegian Jockeyclub
http://www.hesteeierforeningen.no/ Norwegian Owners Association, Øvrevoll Hesteeierforening
Slovakia Description
http://www.zavodisko.sk/ Turfdirektorium Slovakia
Switzerland Description
http://www.galopp.ch/ Turfsport in Switzerland
Art Description
http://www.expertisa-feilen.de/ Dr. Elisabeth Feilen, Expert Office for Fine Art; arthistorian and expert for fine art
United States of America Description
http://www.equibase.com/ Equibase Company, LLC
http://www.obssales.com/ Ocala Breeders' Sales Company
https://toba.org/ Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder Association (TOBA), Kentucky
Canada Description
http://www.jockeyclubcanada.com/ Jockeyclub of Canada
Australia Description
http://www.magicmillions.com.au/ Magic Millions Sales Pty Ltd.
http://http://www.osafweb.com.ar/ OSAF; Latin American Organization for the Promotion of Thoroughbred
Argentina Description
http://http://www.jockeyclub.com.ar/ Argentinean Jockey Club
http://http://www.studbook.com.ar/ Argentine Stud Book
http://http://www.palermo.com.ar/ Palermo Race Track
http://http://www.hipodromosanisidro.com.ar/ San Isidro Racetrack
http://http://www.hipodromolaplata.gba.gov.ar/ La Plata Racetrack
http://http://www.hipodromolapunta.com.ar/ La Punta Racetrack
Brasilia Description
http://http://www.jcb.com.br/ Jockey Club Brasileiro
http://http://www.jockeysp.com.br/ Jockey Club de Sao Paulo
http://http://www.jockeyrs.com.br/ Jockey Club do Rio Grande do Sul
http://http://www.studbook.com.br/ Brazilian Stud Book
Chile Description
http://http://www.clubhipico.cl/ Club Hípico de Santiago SA
http://http://www.hipodromo.cl/ Sociedad Hipódromo de Chile
Peru Description
http://http://www.jcp.org.pe/ Jockey Club del Perú, Racetrack Monterrico
Uruguay Description
http://http://www.studbook.com.uy/ Stud Book of Uruguay
http://http://www.maronas.com.uy/ Maroñas Racecourse
Mexico Description
http://http://www.hipodromo.com.mx/ Racetrack de las Américas